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Sama Security Group ( Sama Samane Tajhiz Co.Ltd.) is a provider of cyber security products and solutions in Iran market. We supply a wide range of hardware and software products and provide different types of cyber security consult and services in private and governmental sections.


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The more colorful the world looks around us, the greater the depth and breadth of our vulnerabilities. It’s time to take the right decision before choosing cybercriminals and hackers to take control of your digital world, and choose the best security measures in the digital world. Believe it or not, be aware of the work and technology provided in the cyber world to protect your digital privacy from crime and incidents of Hammond, Storm Shield, NOSUS, and CMS for your customers.

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Secure communication through the application of global standards and IT development through its representatives increased its presence in the Iranian market and is known as a collection focused on providing and distributing information and security solutions.