About acunetix

As you know, web security and web hosting server, you must be a priority in any organization and company, but that their managers are usually neglected. This is despite the fact that hackers are constantly trying to infiltrate and sabotage web applications, web sites, forms, content posted on web pages, etc. And all this for 24 hours a day throughout the week and years will be available to them.

Software Scanner Acunetix (Kyvntyks), Automatic Website, Web applications and Web hosting servers to identify security vulnerabilities and attack them on more than 3,000 penetration method, review and scan and full reports the operation will provide to you.


Acunetix can all structures and parts of Web applications, Web sites and Internet portals you, even parts of them that are entering restricted to easily scan and check.

Using the system security vulnerability detection Acunetix, can threaten more than 3,000 known for their websites categorized by priority and importance was aware.

A full report can give you as organizations and companies or website developers help center

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