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Acunetix Licensing Options

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Acunetix (on premise) Licensing

Acunetix (on premise) is available as a Standard Edition 2 concurrent scans, a Pro Edition 5 concurrent scans and an Enterprise Edition 10 Concurrent Scans.

Feature Matrix

Architecture and Scale
Unlimited URL Scanning
User Roles and Privileges
Number of Users۱۱۳ – Unlimited
Multiple Scan Engines
Max Number of Scan Engines۱۱۱ – ۵۰
Total Concurrent Scans per License۲۵۱۰ – ۱۰۰
Acunetix Vulnerability Assessment Engine
Scanning for 3000+ web application vulnerabilities
Acunetix DeepScan Crawler
Acunetix AcuSensor (Gray-box Vulnerability Testing)
Acunetix AcuMonitor (Out-of-band Vulnerability Testing)
Acunetix Login Sequence Recorder
Malware URL Detection
Manual Pen-testing Tool Suite
Scanning of Online Web Application Assets
Scanning of Internal Web Application assets
Key Reports and Vulnerability Severity Classification
Key Reports (Affected Items, Quick, Developer, Executive)
OWASP TOP 10 Report
CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System) for Severity
Remediation Advice
Compliance Reports*
Centralized Management and Extensibility
Scheduled Scanning
Continuous Scanning
Target Groups
Assign Target Business Criticality
Prioritize by Business Criticality
Trend Graphs
WAF Virtual Patching**
Issue Tracking Systems Integration***
Assign Target Management to Users
Integration APIs

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