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The more our world become digital, the deeper and wider we become vulnerable. It is the time to take the right decision and chose the correct security and defense parameters before the hackers take the control of your digital world. Believe it or not,you are just a click away from being hacked.
Sama Security Team – a subsidiary of Sama Holding provides the most up-to-date solutions and technologies to protect your digital worlds against cyber criminals and cybersecurity incidents.
Being the official partners of internationally recognized brands such as Acunetix, F-secure, Heimdal, Stormshield, Neusoft, Wosign, Entrust and many others , enable us to secure the digital life and work of our clients.
Join us to enjoy the safety of being together!

our products

Social Sama security products among the world's best corporate cases


Different versions of a user and multi-user antivirus to maintain the security of your system


Firewall software or firewall to secure your computer or system

SSL Certificates

SSL certification valid throughout the country with great work experience

Web Design

Responsive web design based on taste and your system

Services | Network

In all the network services that are widely applicable and very functional

F - Secure Antivirus

And the most powerful malware detection and protect your information security throughout the organization using Amenii Virus F - Secure in versions of Windows, Mac, Mobile (Android) and Linux


We guarantee our security

Internal network security is important from two aspects: the possibility of internal threats such as disgruntled employees or offensively, that in any way have physical access to the corporate network. Possible external threats by hackers outside the organization who in any way have been able to penetrate the internal network. Another service offered by the company Sama equipment, LAN and Wireless networks is testing permeability.

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Sama Security Team Security

Sama equipment in order to create secure corporate networks, security has launched the consultation. Organizations, agencies, public and private companies are able to test the safety, security existing network or designing a local secure network, organizations and city benefit from the advice of experts this group. seminars and culture of information security providing security solutions for enterprises of different sizes

Services security testing

Penetration test is to discover ways and methods of unauthorized access to sensitive and confidential information resources of organizations, in the shortest possible time. The purpose of the tests to find out the weaknesses in systems and offer solutions for overcoming them. In the process of penetration testing, the experimenter addition to having independent approach to each vulnerability, to combine them to simulate a realistic scenario is concerned. This leads to more accurate understanding of the potential damage that may be caused by events computer information systems and network organizations are exposed.
Sama penetration testing services equip the system with the following characteristics are presented:
Permeability test web applications
Network penetration test
Permeability test desktop apps

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Services SSL

Buy ssl: Sama Security as one of the most reputable companies in the country SSL certificate is ssl certification services. Sama Security with more than 30,000 users and more than 10 years of experience is one of the few reputable companies issuing SSL certificates for domains and international ir (com, …) in Iran and the services to a broad set public and private customers from large organizations to small personal websites and commercial offers.
Sama Security in the service tried with the highest speed and security service, the most features, the strongest support provide its customers with a wide range.

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Designing Web

Responsive web design based on matching every taste and every budget you have. Academic and Corporate Development

  • Web design
  • Based on responsive
  • Creativity
  • Special design
  • Professional Support
  • Eye-catching design
  • Attractive graphics
  • Responsive

SEO Professional

SEO for Google’s search engine best online marketing technique in the world. and even then they try to maintain their user login.

  • First Page of Google
  • Effective keywords
  • Increase daily visit site
  • sales increase

Services Network

remote support and advice tailored to the needs of your organization’s network security provide the day


Services Servers

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