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نسخه ی ۱۵ نرم افزار Visual Paradigm منتشر شد ; Visual Paradigm 15.0

نوشته شده توسط :وحید علمی درفروردین ۱۹, ۱۳۹۷

شرکت Visual Paradigm  نسخه ی ۱۵ این نرم افزار را منتشر کرد.

Paradigm Visual 15.0 تعدادی از ویژگی های جدید را معرفی می کند که شامل موارد زیر است:

  • Wireflow Diagram
  • Animating paths in Wireflow Diagram
  • STEPS – Efficient design and analysis with prescribed wizards
  • Visual API designer for Swagger-based RESTful API
  • Swagger-based RESTful API generation
  • Visual API designer for API-Blueprint formatted RESTful API
  • API-Blueprint formatted RESTful API generation
  • [VP Online] New diagram: ER Diagram
  • [VP Online] New diagram: Organization Chart
  • [VP Online] New diagram: Mind Map
  • [VP Online] New diagram: DFD
  • [VP Online] New diagram: Venn Diagram
  • [VP Online] New diagram: Floor Plan
  • [VP Online] Google Drive integration
  • [VP Online] Real-time synchronization of diagrams
  • [VP Online] Multilingual support
  • [VP Online] Visio drawing import
  • [VP Online] Multi-pages support

ارتقا به Visual Paradigm 15.0 شامل موارد زیر است :

  • Upgraded Hibernate version to 5.1
  • Improved stability in High DPI environments
  • Refined data forwarding mechanism for TOGAF ADM
  • Supported hiding interface caption in ArchiMate diagram
  • Supported importing styles for generate deliverables
  • Supported applying Shape Legend on connectors
  • Supported adding one shape to multiple layers
  • Supported sending shapes from Business Concept Diagram to backlog
  • Supported displaying parameter of entry/exit/do activity on State Machine Diagram
  • Supported entering several deliverable properties as variables
  • Introduced new user permission option to control who can upload Just-in-Time Work Items to repository
  • Improved Traditional Chinese support

برای دانلود نسخه ۱۵ بر روی لینک زیر کلیک کنید:

دانلود نسخه ی ۱۵ نرم افزار Visual Paradigm

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