Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Before using the services of this website, you must have an overview of this Agreement and agree to the terms mentioned in it.
If you disagree with the Agreement, do not use our site. You can review the most recent provisions of this Agreement at any time at the address you have
This Agreement contains the entire agreement between the user and regulations and is Smaskyvryty. With the registration process, you are agreeing to the terms of the agreement we have with you.

Otherwise, as mentioned, no excuses will not be accepted.

– The sole purpose of this site is your satisfaction. Our performance is based on collective goals can not be achieved without violating the rights of individuals.
You agree that your trust for the use of information and services available on this site is on your own responsibility and risk. Smaskyvryty responsible for any harm that the use of the site to your computer, it is not. Whether direct or indirect losses and is important or not important. Even if the recommendations are already discussing the possibility of such problems.

Smaskyvryty its sole discretion reserves the right to make changes to the site or block access to certain parts of the site or all sites either temporarily or permanently, without having to be notified in this case.

– In accordance with the agreements stipulated in this site, Smaskyvryty is committed to protecting users’ private information, and this information is kept secret and not disclosed to other persons. However, except as required by law to do so.

– The transfer of information (including communications by e-mail as well) via the Internet or any public network that is accessible, not security. The information may be changed or even lost in transit. Smaskyvryty responsibility for any material or non-material losses as a result of which you transmit information through the Internet or any other public network can not accept not suffer. Under any circumstances the information you have provided to us, is assumed to be confidential. However, once a trust upon us. But if this information unintentional and without the knowledge and consent of third parties we are, we will not have responsibility.


The expected behavior of users
As mentioned, the responsibility for all information, data, literature, music, photos, graphics, audio files, video files, etc. that are publicly or privately transmitted, is the person who delivered them. Smaskyvryty has no control over the accuracy of the information sent via Srvyssh and therefore there is no guarantee on the credit. It is possible through the use of the Internet and our site, exposed to concepts that are not pleasant to you or even harm your computer. These themes should be recognized and reported violation, but it is only within the discretion Smaskyvryty what to do and what impact they have. And the expected behavior of users is to stay away from any kind of personal encounters.


Our service should not be used for what purposes؟

Publish files and information from Nzrsmaskyvryty unlawful, harmful, threatening, defamatory, abusive, indecent, defamatory and vulgar and information as to race, group or certain categories of people be insulted.

Impersonating individuals or institutions, as well as attributing false statements and remarks to specific individuals and entities

Published every concept and content of legal or other issues, they do not have the right. (Such as inside information, proprietary and confidential information some organizations, if the terms of employment relations and internal laws, it is prohibited.)

Published every concept and content of the exclusive rights of commercial rights, copyright (copyright), and other proprietary rights exceed certain groups.

Intentionally or unintentionally exceed the working positions, expression, national and international rules and procedures and regulations that protect its legal power.

Threaten and harass any individuals and companies and institutions through this site.

Collect and store personal data about other users for commercial purposes

Development and promotion of organized information about illegal activities, promote physical harm or harm to groups and individuals (eg, promotion and training in making bombs or other incendiary weapons and equipment)

Use the Website in a manner that is in any way a violation of the rules contained in this Agreement.

Smaskyvryty do business in or from this site if no prior coordination and permission from us.

– Smaskyvryty and its directors have the right to which every file and content that is contrary to the provisions set forth in the agreement to remove.

– You on this subject agree that Smaskyvryty the right to have access to your information, they will be maintained or even law enforcement. If Smaskyvryty this is the law and in the following cases have to do is:
1) Legal and judicial resources exist to do so.

3) If you request from users.
4) to protect the rights and security of users and in some cases the general public.

– As previously stated, all our efforts on these sites is that users be provided your consent. If you have any problems with other users or if users feel that someone has violated the provisions of this Agreement, you can email us and we will put into this issue. And be sure that the information you give us in this area is complete, we will be better addressed. You have put us on the details.

The agreement’s legitimacy and credibility of the rules governing the acquisition of the Islamic Republic of Iran. If you have any questions or problems with the site or this agreement with us and you.